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3. Picture Description 1: Useful language and structures

In the oral exam, you will be asked to talk about pictures. You will be given a pair or a set of pics to compare.  Practising beforehand will build up your confidence. Tips:

  • If you practise picture description with a friend, you’ll be able to help each other by prompting, asking questions, giving feedback and interacting.
  • Follow the steps, but be natural. If a pic surprises you, you can say so ! You do not have to wait until the very last stage to express your surprise.
  • You can also look at the model in your textbook : page 11; check also the speaking reference page 146
  • These slides will help you describe the pics we’ll see at La Caixa next Monday.  The most Important thing...from photographer Brian Sokol.

David Mainwood, an English teacher and a blogger, made this excellent presentation that will surely help you improve your oral skills and face the oral exam with much more confidence.  Copy the useful language that appears in slide 28 and have it at hand. You can use the pics in David’s presentation or some others of your choice. The aim is to internalise the steps in picture description until it comes out naturally.  It will take you more than one try. There are 18 slides to get you started.